Biology and Geology – ESO 3

Audio Glossary

The audio-glossary is a bit like a dictionary, but you can also listen to the word and its definition, to help you improve your pronunciation.

If you don't know what a word means, look in the audio-glossary

1 Human Health

This is a quiz about human health. Do you know the difference between infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases? Do you know why we get diseases and how they can be prevented?

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4 Coordination

This is a quiz about our two coordination systems. Do you know the difference the nervous system and the endocrine system? In which situations do we use each of them?

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7 Relief

Do you know the difference between weathering and erosion? Do you know how gorges and limestone pavements are formed? This quiz is about the Earth’s constantly changing relief.

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8 Sustainability

Are our cities sustainable? Are we prepared for new challenges as a result of climate change? This reading comprehension looks at the situation of Phoenix, Arizona in the southwest of the United States.

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