There are two versions of the book:

  • Geography and History ESO 2, which includes the Middle Ages, Modern Age, population and urban areas
  • Geography and History ESO 2 – Middle Ages, Population Urban Areas, which does not include the topics about the Modern Age

Audio Glossary

The audio-glossary is a bit like a dictionary, but you can also listen to the word and its definition, to help you improve your pronunciation.

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Al-Andalus was the name that the Muslims gave to the part of the Iberian Peninsula that they ruled. See how much you know about the history of Al-Andalus, and about life under the Muslim rulers!

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Christian Kingdoms

After the Muslims conquered most of the Iberian Peninsula, there were only a few small Christian kingdoms in the north. What do you know about how these kingdoms gradually expanded southwards?

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This quiz includes questions on society, culture and discrimination. It includes a reading comprehension and general questions.

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