10a Ecosystems

The first part of this activity is a listening exercise about ecosystems, while the second part is about food chains and food webs. The questions are based on the material in Chapter 10 of LinguaFrame’s textbook Biology and Geology – ESO 1.

4a Atmosphere

What do you know about the Earth’s atmosphere? Do you know the difference between the troposphere and the stratosphere? How was the atmosphere formed, and what is it composed of? Do this quiz to see how much you really know. The quiz is based on material from Chapter 4 of LinguaFrame’s textbook Biology and Geology – ESO 1.

3a Water

Most of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and without water it would be impossible for us to live on the Earth. But why is there water on Earth? And how does it move from one place to another in the water cycle? Start the quiz to test how much you remember. The quiz … Read more3a Water